How much do you know secret shoes?

The world all things have their own itself exists some secret, and every day and we intimate contact of the shoes is no exception. Then ask some little-known red bottom shoes  secrets about shoes can you know how much? Today is to tell about high heels, shoes, red shoes, the sole lettering.

Water shoes also called platform shoes, as early as in ancient Venice. Because is the city of Venice, so people will wear during flood of up to 75 cm platform red bottom shoes for men shoes (chopines) avoid to touch water, is worthy of the name "waterproof". 1430 and 1512, platform shoes are banned

French famous shoemaker Christian louboutin red bottom shoes "popular in the world. He said one day to see the assistant daub the chanel red nails, red bottoms shoes creates the soles painted red.

For the Arab muslims, the sole is the symbol of impurities, so before going to others home or in the mosque, all want to put the shoes, in order to show respect. Ancient Greek prostitutes sole engraved with the "follow me", so they sand road will leave traces of "follow me". In ancient China,red bottom shoes for women  the dead man's shoes represents their garments in the underworld. Therefore, after the emperor died, your feet will be wrapped in jade shoes immediately.

It is said that the world's most expensive shoes is Stuart weitzman shoe salesman and le vian jeweler crystallization of cooperation. This pair of shoes decorated with 28 carat diamonds and 185 carats Tanzania stone, worth $two million (RMB 12 million).

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